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A SOLID Approach to Clean Code

Coding is not about Code

Even though we offer the most advanced software development services in Nairobi, Coding is not about writing Code. We offer support throughout all phases of the software development process, in an iterative fashion so that the product grows together with you and your stakeholders.


Product Design

We analyse the needs of your stakeholders to come up with solutions that work. As computer scientists, we always base ourselves on logic and existing work.

Sprint Planning

Together with you, we break each project down into smaller sub-projects that keep building on top of each other. That way, we end up with a usable product fast that grows organically.


Integration First

Often, a solution to your problem does not need to be completely built from scratch. Existing tools and frameworks can be re-used and integrated to avoid re-invention of the wheel and to significantly reduce cost.

SOLID Architecture

All of our code fully adheres to the SOLID principles. This means it is ultimately scalable, (nearly) bug free and easy to maintain and build upon.

Advanced Stack

We master some of the most cutting-edge technologies in the world, to enable us to work extremely fast while still maintaining a clean and robust code-base.

Computer Science

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain and Security have no secrets for us. We offer consultancy and integration services of how these new technologies can be used to skyrocket your business.

How to be successful with software?

Build to scale

Agile Web Development

More important than code is approach when coming up with solutions. We start by delivering a small but workable system that can be used and tested. From there, we keep adapting and adding new functionality in iterations or sprints. This allows us to steer quickly and to discover the ideal solution as we go.

Bleeding edge

We are conversant with the most bleeding edge technologies of this time. Projects we undertake will remain modern for many years to come.

We think with you

We are continuously by your side with the optimisation of processes and the development of new solution. Using strong and tested methodologies, we help you achieve true innovation.

Do not get left behind. Start building the future now!

Some of our work

FullStack Web Development

The Elewa LMS

Visualisation & Data Analytics

Knowledge Graphs

Coding, Blockchain & Data Science

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